Workshop Registration

This is not a course that will introduce you to working through your childhood wounds or how your parents raised you. It is not therapy. It’s a course of skills to improve and transform your own thoughts and behavior to ones that are empowering – which in turn improves your communication and connection with yourself and others. 


What you can expect from this course: learn skills to calm down, lowering your anxiety and to recognize when you are heading toward depression, how to avoid it or get out of it so you can have a joyful life. We will also examine behavior cycles and what we can do to avoid bad life patterns. Want to connect with your true, eternal self and find what your passions are? I can show you how to do that! 


All this you can discover in this course. It’s very tight, comprehensive and it does have some homework with worksheets for you to do to assist your growth outside of the course time. 


Normally this course costs $897 but I am offering a one time price of $497 just for you! The first course will start February 23rd and we will meet once a week, for 5 weeks, via zoom.   


Let’s get you moving towards a life of joy-register now for your spot in my workshop!