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I am on a lifelong journey dedicated to personal growth, empowerment, and inspiring others to discover love, inner peace, and enduring joy within themselves.

From a young age, I felt drawn to the role of a guide. I organized sessions in my backyard beneath a mighty blue spruce tree for lonely and neglected neighborhood children. These sessions became a sanctuary where they learned self-love, transformed their behaviors, and reshaped their family dynamics.

Throughout my life, I've maintained the belief that life is an ongoing school where we can continually evolve and expand.

While initially pursuing a degree in Biochemistry and even being accepted into medical school, I had a profound realization. During my time at Beaumont, I recognized my true calling lay in counseling and guiding others toward healing. This realization fueled my pursuit of a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology.

Over time, my journey led me into metaphysics, resulting in a bachelor’s degree in Metaphysics. I also delved into the intriguing world of neuroplasticity, earning certification in hypnotherapy.

My passion for learning remains ceaseless. I continually integrate new techniques into my practice while nurturing a profound spiritual connection within myself. I enjoy guiding individuals toward their inner wisdom, helping them resolve their challenges authentically, and facilitating self-acceptance and healing.

Rooted in mindfulness and meditation, my therapeutic approach incorporates these practices. I discovered my first "Zen" moment during an unexpected fencing session, an activity I cherish for its meditative flow.

With over three decades of experience, I have honed the ability to empower individuals to become their self-healers.

Unleashing Your True Potential

I can help you tap into the profound connection with your highest self—the part of you that always has your best interests at heart, residing within.

Together, we can unveil and dismantle limiting beliefs and patterns that have held you back, empowering you to live authentically, realize your potential, and experience a life filled with joy and fulfillment.

Welcome to a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Let's unlock your true potential and embark on lasting happiness and fulfillment.

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Your Journey of Personal Growth, Empowerment, and Joy

Embark on a transformative journey with me to unveil and dismantle limiting beliefs, empowering you to live authentically and experience enduring joy within yourself.

Rediscovering Love, Acceptance, and Wholeness: Reconnecting with God and Self

After we are born, we often forget where we came from. There is plenty of stories about young children remembering before they were born, like a past life or the joy they experienced before conception. We forget as we grow, and our parents seem like gods to us, and so we tend to project human fallacies as well as positives onto God. Yet, humans are emotional rollercoasters and imperfect, unlike God, and as our very human parents failed to provide reflect the loving acceptance, abundance and safety of God, we became fearful and hurt.

As these feelings grew, and were often suppressed as unacceptable to our parents, we began to develop a dualistic relationship with our parents, loving them and hating them, being dependent on them yet unsafe as they were unreliable. Think the “terrible” twos, the teenage years where this pattern is set and our subconscious plays out this scenario over and over while we search everywhere but with God and to ourselves for love, acceptance and safety.

Perhaps it’s time to allow ourselves to re-connect with God and ourselves to find the love, acceptance, safety, the wholeness, within.