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Now that you’ve received your blueprint, the next question on my client’s mind is – how do I go deeper? How can I make these changes on a deep level? What can I do right now?

If you want to start experiencing the joy of living from your heart TODAY

I have the answer for you and a very special offer while you are on this page. I can help you live from your heart starting with a Free Coaching session with me.

You need access to a coach with a plan of action that has the RESULTS, who cares about you, and can help you connect with your heart, your true self so you can know you’re lovable, good enough- divine, so you can have a joy-filled life with loved ones and friends, and can help you see your own limitless potential to improve your life personally, romantically, career-wise, and with your family. Your whole world opens up!

I felt like a victim, lost, and powerless because I kept looking outside myself for love and validation. Working on my own issues and helping other clients led me to develop a strategy that works and I became joyful for the first time EVER!

These 3 things have created 99% of my results:


I think we all need a coach who believes in us and can give us, teach us the guidance we’re looking for and it’s amazing how we surprise ourselves and switch that little voice inside that says…” I’m not good enough, I’m unworthy, I can’t do this, and why can’t I find love, why am I so alone”…
It’s the power of a coach that helps guide you to change that inner voice and work through the self-imposed obstacles that stop you from fulfilling your dreams and living a life of joy.

The first step is Getting Coaching from an expert like me. I can save you time and teach you how to be your own guide in developing a life of joy. Investing in a coach is the smartest investment anyone can make because YOU are really investing in YOU – and you ARE WORTH IT!

What My Clients Are Saying

Thank you for all your help! I am a totally different person, have learned and applied so much. I understand who I am and you are wonderful. Thank you!



What My Clients Are Saying

Miche is incredibly compassionate and kind. She helps people find the underlying problems and addresses them thoughtfully and with a plan for healing.



What My Clients Are Saying

Miche is amazing at helping you become aware of all the blind spots that are holding you back from your True expression of the Divine. Truly compassionate and willing to go to the darkest depths of your soul, so that it no longer causes stagnation and pain.
Thanks Miche!



What My Clients Are Saying




What My Clients Are Saying

“Miche is a fantastic listener and when you’re speaking, you have her full attention. It’s clear that she really cares and wants to help. She has a calming, positive, uplifting personality and seems very experienced with a wide breadth of knowledge and techniques.”



What My Clients Are Saying

“I found Miche to be gentle, attentive, and very supportive as a therapist and as a person. Rather than confrontation about my issues, she helped me see through the fog and explore reasons for my issues, and quickly develop effective techniques for good resolution. Then again, I am merely neurotic and not psychotic.”



What My Clients Are Saying

“Miche has been a great therapist for me, and I have been to others before.
Highly recommended.”



What My Clients Are Saying

“Great therapist with availability and a unique homeopathic approach. Years of experience with various types of support.  Fantastic approach to anxiety relief.  I highly recommend working with Miche Lame.  Call today.”



What My Clients Are Saying

“Miche has always been a guide to shine light and love through some deep emotional wounds that were hindering my ability to see the love that was already there for me to grow within by self acceptance, redirecting energy and by grounding into the heart center.
shes been a guide for me to see the love that is already there within me!
an amazing being she is to work with weekly.
A true blessing to the universe!”



What My Clients Are Saying

“Miche is an honest, caring, and respectful therapist. I have been In therapy with her for 7 months now and I have never been more comfortable with another. I have made great strides in my life in this short time including quitting smoking. I have attempted therapy with many different doctors before and it has never been this fun and beneficial. We are even able to do FaceTime appointments if I’m unable to meet her at the office. I hope this helps someone out there. Thank you Miche.”



2. Access to Knowledge and a System that Works

You must get access to knowledge and a system that works, yet not just having access, it’s having the access to coaching from someone like me who’s been able to turn my and my client’s lives around and achieve our dreams, our joy.

Receive a weekly online gathering with me that will be recorded. Guiding you through steps that will help you know yourself, where you are blocked and sabotaging yourself, and more. Acquire proven methods of going within that are time-proven to work. Gain videos and handouts to help you explore yourself with strategies I’ve spent years developing. And find out why writing things down and diagrams work.

3. The BEST Supportive Community

You gain access to my and a community of amazing support and feedback assisting you on your way to achieving your dreams and having a joy-filled life.

Whether you’re looking for a breakthrough or several, or you just want to bounce insights off with others’ feedback, this community is for you. Most people are lonely, isolated, and disconnected from a community that believes in their dreams and wants their inner growth for joy. Most people never have a support system that tells them,

You can do this, Yes! Great insight!, You’re amazing!

Our community won’t stand for NAYSAYERS, ONLY POSITIVITY.

If you apply today, you can speak with me and receive your FREE coaching session, and if you’re accepted into our community, we will work together, accomplishing your dream of a joy-filled life.

I will ONLY select a small group of people and spots will go VERY fast.
If you are a giver, a dreamer, and you want to be part of a great, supportive community, then go apply now and be considered to become my next success story.

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