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Posted on October 26, 2023

After we are born, we often forget where we came from. There is plenty of stories about young children remembering before they were born, like a past life or the joy they experienced before conception. We forget as we grow, and our parents seem like gods to us, and so we tend to project human fallacies as well as positives onto God. Yet, humans are emotional rollercoasters and imperfect, unlike God, and as our very human parents failed to provide reflect the loving acceptance, abundance and safety of God, we became fearful and hurt.

As these feelings grew, and were often suppressed as unacceptable to our parents, we began to develop a dualistic relationship with our parents, loving them and hating them, being dependent on them yet unsafe as they were unreliable. Think the “terrible” twos, the teenage years where this pattern is set and our subconscious plays out this scenario over and over while we search everywhere but with God and to ourselves for love, acceptance and safety.

Perhaps it’s time to allow ourselves to re-connect with God and ourselves to find the love, acceptance, safety, the wholeness, within.

woman meditating