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Posted on March 29, 2024

When we somehow don’t experience others as the divine soul they are, it is likely because we are not connected and experiencing ourselves as divine.  And, I know from experience that it can be difficult to always come from that divine space and avoiding projecting our own stuff onto others and the way we experience them.  Most of us have a story of how our initial perception was changed with someone bases on new experiences.

We often divide ourselves between our mind, body and heart/soul. We know in our minds that we and all others have divinity in them, and the body is just the car we are wearing in this life.  But, we forget, especially when triggered, to keep connected with our heart/soul and respond from a place of compassion and love.  This dividedness affects how we experience and talk/treat ourselves, not just others.

What if we make a commitment to practice being connected within, present with our divine self a little more each day?  What if we take up the challenge to see ourself and others as divine?  That way, we will be aware when we get triggered, repeat self-sabotaging patterns, and react in fear/defense.  We can become more mindful and connected so we can choose to respond in a compassionate, loving way.  Wouldn’t that be wonderful!

We can be the divine light that brings more compassion and love to this negatively charged world.  We can be the healing we all deserve and desire.  Let’s start this very day to be the most compassionate, loving, divine being we can to help heal ourselves and our world.

image of the ocean and divine light