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Posted on January 18, 2024

How do we connect with our divine aspect?  Having a spiritual practice can help us connect with our divine self and realize that we are divine beings having a human experience.  Having a spiritual practice and connecting with our divine self builds love and compassion.  The ego often sees compassion as weakness and therefore an opportunity to be hurt.  Yet, lack of compassion leads down a rabbit hole of self bullying and judgement, not love. Pushing the self down a dark and scary path away from the light even when the light is wanted.

Make friends with your ego, you did develop it to protect you in the physical.  Treat it with respect and use discernment.  Watch what you feed it.  When the ego is fed fear, it creates more, feed it love, and it creates more of that.  Focus on lack, and it creates more lack affirming how unsafe you are and to depend on it, not the love of the All, God to keep you safe.

Your spirit is eternal, the body is not.  The body is like a car that you as spirit drives to exciting adventures.  The ego can only receive the directions you give it.  The vibration of what you feed it is what it will drive you to.  Want more love, feed it love and spiritual conversation, books and video.  Want more fear, feed it violence, angry outbursts, and other low vibrational input.

Remember, you are a divine being and it is within your control to drive your physical body to the experiences that match the vibration of your ego and spirit.  Let your beautiful spirit be in control.

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