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Posted on January 12, 2024

We are divine beings living in a temporary world. Another way to put this is that we are energetic spiritual beings inhabiting a holographic body in a holographic world to have experiences that will enable us to grow towards our greatness, our ascension towards being more like God.

Why do we seem so separated from our own divinity, separated from God, All That Is? We know there is a universal consciousness, a quantum field of energy and thought that connects us all. So how is it that we still feel separate from All? Why do we feel lonely when there is All around us to support us?

I think that when we incarnate in this holographic world that we develop an ego in childhood to keep us physically safe. That ego is great and creative and useful, and can, unfortunately, create separation and barriers to connection with others, ourselves, and All that is around us. It can keep us from hearing our Higher Self, and our guides.

The ego’s main purpose is to keep us safe, and for many who have had trauma, it does so by giving us reasons to keep separate from others. The ego keeps us safe yet lonely, separating us from our true divine self and from seeing the divine in others. It helps create this using subconscious sabotaging patterns to destroy relationships, including the one we can have with God and our divine self.

So, how do we wake up and remember that we are divine? We can start by reminding ourselves on a daily basis. We can connect with our divine, Higher Self through meditation and journaling. We can just chose to have actions that wake us up to our divine being.

woman meditating on beach