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Posted on January 5, 2021

Smiling makes your brain happy.  Smiling sends signals to your brain and produces chemicals that make you happy - your brain doen’t know the difference! So faking it till you make it works when it comes to smiling. 

Smiling uses muscles that sends signals to your nerves when then sends these signals to your brain and produces those brilliant chemicals - those endorphins, dopamines and serotonin that make you feel good.  And, when we feel good, we are more relaxed, more pain-free and create, expand an energy of happiness and produce a good mood.  And, like anything else, smiling is contagious, so these good moods expand. Smiling gives you a sense of happiness and well being and will help others feel the same - they’ll want to be with you, in your happy presence.

The expansion, in turn, causes more people of like mind and energy - happiness - to be attracted to you, so your social life will not only grow, you will attract more people who are happy!  These people are also more likely to be drama -free, more relaxed, focused on seeing life in a positive way and more generally are more generous and grateful, seeing others as like family - a divine family of choice.

Smiling not only enlarges your positive social circle, it lowers your blood pressure and heart rate - as well as depression and anxiety - and who doesn’t want that?  Smiling has been known to increase your immune system - so you will less likely to get covid with your new, positive and happy friends.

So, start smiling! Lastly, there is nothing more attractive than a smile.  Smiling makes you more approachable and easier to talk with - attract those friends you’d like to have!

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