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Posted on December 31, 2021

This is the most loving and caring time of the year. It’s the time when people are most generous and considerate to others. Yet, what if that’s difficult to do with your family? At work? When we get triggered by something we aren’t even sure why we got triggered by it. We can practice a meditation focused on expanding the love that is already inside each of us.

This meditation will lower your anxiety, increase your energy as well as your immune system and loving feelings - and connecting you with the divine. The more you practice this, the easier and faster you can use it when you feel triggered, when you need it to be the loving, divine being you really are.

1) Sit comfortably with your spine straight. If you wish, you can close your eyes. Breathe in through your

nose into your belly, using your diaphragm, exhale though your mouth. Breath this deep diaphragmatic breath

for a few breaths till you feel some calmness. The diaphragmatic breath sends signals up to the brain allowing you to relax.

2) Place a hand on your heart, focusing your attention there. Imagine a warm, pink ball of energy and slowly breathe into it, building it. Just breathing into your heart energy for a few minutes.

3) When you are feeling calm and peaceful, loving - you may even feel expansive! - you can open your eyes.

That’s it! You can also use this as a meditation. You can use this technique anytime and anywhere after practicing it for a while. You can also choose to keep expanding the energy to your whole body, to your aura, and beyond. This is way, you are truly being the divine light in the world, helping to heal the world.

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