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Posted on December 28, 2023

By examining our past experiences, especially those from childhood, we are able to grow and let go of old, outdated habits and fears that hold us back from our greatness, our self-actualization.  As a client told me today, “this feeling is familiar” in regards to feeling rejected after not being invited to a party “everyone else was”.  Upon exploration, she remembered her parents not having a birthday party for her and on top of that, not getting invited to her friends birthday party, and felt everyone else was.  She felt left out.  She then decided she wasn’t good enough, unworthy to have friends and that was the beginning of her withdrawal from life so she wouldn’t get rejected again.

Chances are, those experiences had nothing to do with her as a person, they had to do with her parents, and possibly her invite got lost.  But, she took it personally, as most of us would, and then let that start ruling her life.  As she withdrew, she was invited to less and less events, resulting in what she feared most – a feeling of rejection and unworthiness.

The Creator made all of us good enough and worthy.  There is nothing we need to do to prove ourselves.  We are already good enough.  We are already worthy and lovable.  We are never left out of the Creator’s grace and love, even when we turn a blind eye and ear.  All we have to do is go within and we can find that connection and grace.

spiral in sand