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Posted on February 26, 2022

We often put the concerns of others before us thinking that if we make them happy, then we’ll be happy. Stop giving others the ability to determine your happiness. In actuality, there is a different hierarchy. Others are last on the hierarchy of love. Of the three primary relationships of Others, Self and God - our most important relationship is really with God, then Our Self and lastly, with Others. 

You see, when we have a great relationship with the divine, let’s call it God, we have a great relationship with ourself and others. All relationships we have reflect this primary relationship connecting ourself with God. Our relationship with God mirrors and determines the quality and depth of our other relationships. Thus, if we are looking for love from others, say our parents or mate, this is reflective of the deep longing we have for God’s love - which is always there, even if we are blind to it. 

When we are children, and we learn we are separate entities from our parents, that is also the beginning of forgetting we are actually one with God. It is here that most of our issues with our selves and others get started as this primary wound is unhealed. We begin to believe the illusion that we are separate at all and forget we are just agreeing to temporarily play the manifestation game here. We then develop an ego based on the fear of separateness and aloneness, and the shame for our manifesting that we are separate and not good enough to be loved as we are. The core issues I find with clients are based on fear and the belief we are not good enough. And therefore, not good enough to be loved, be love, one with God.

 So, start developing a healthy relationship with God, our primary relationship. After all, we literally are created from God’s energy of love and are all one. Then, get to know you as love, connected and guided by God. After that, relationships with others are a piece of cake!


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