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Posted on March 21, 2021

When clients come to me, it’s usually because some kind of drama has triggered a reaction and they feel lost, overwhelmed and that goes into deeper anxiety and depression. And, it has in a way often become their comfort That means, they have been living in some kind of drama so long that they look for that drama, so they can remain comfortable - knowing what to expect. Like a caterpillar comfortable with crawling and fears becoming a butterfly and flying.

No life is totally free from drama and suffering, yet for some, it becomes their culture in a way, their normal. We even are aware that drama and chaos catches our attention on the news, in books, on line and in movies. There is little drama and adrenaline rush connected with love, peace and joy. Yet, love, peace and joy is what we are verbally taught we want, all the while getting that adrenaline rush from fear and chaos. So, we live in conflict and even are attracted to it as well as create it. It’s what we are programmed with for generations starting with those cave people just struggling to survive. Fear is the primary source of separation from ourselves and others and keeps us from enjoying a loving, carefree, peaceful life.

What if we allow ourselves to be uncomfortable and stop watching and listening to drama that triggers fear and adrenaline and start focusing inward - connecting with our true self, and with Source? What if we cultivate the awareness to release anything in our lives which is not of love, health, peace and joy? It would definitely for most of us be a shift. It means avoiding being glued to negative news, movies and books with drama - fighting, cheating, murder, survival.... It means being mindful to stop looking for health scares, ways to defend/attack. It means being mindful of where we put our attention. Will we put it on being in the moment and love? Or will we be in the past or future defending, attacking, finding ways to have that adrenaline rush?

I vote for focusing on love, peace and joy. Seeing the negative and drama creating patterns and mindfully changing them with a focus of finding our way towards love, living a mindful life with connection to our souls and Source.

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