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Posted on December 17, 2021

Everybody wants the world to change and be about love, yet nobody wants to actually love them neighbor! Yet that’s what we are here to do. That’s all! Just love.

I know it can be challenging. Someone you love and trust, betrays your trust, takes advantage of you, manipulates you. They may even be bipolar and unpredictable. Or, maybe you don’t

even know them well. It can be challenging to forgive, let alone be vulnerable and love them even.

when you’re angry or afraid of them. It’s easier to avoid, put up walls or judge than to love and be vulnerable.

Yet, this is what Source asks us to do. To stop, take the time and, like the Good Samaritan, love whomever we’re with. We are all connected at the soul level, so what we do with others has repercussions and the vibrations flow outward like ripples in the ocean, reaching others and

affecting their vibration, right out into the heavens, the universe. Like the flap of a butterfly’s wings, we have the power to change everything with our actions, our vibrations - so why don’t we take a minute to love?

Sometimes, it helps when we can see things from other’s point of views, if we let ourselves. We are more alike than unalike even with different experiences, all of us want to love and be loved. Of course, as we are all connected, if we so choose, we can create anything we want to, and

the more souls there are to lend the energy to create the vision, the faster and easier it builds. This power can be used for love or fear, it’s up to us to choose wisely how we use our divine power.

I really think the idea of love not war is really the idea of love not fear. We tend to fear what we don’t know, so how about getting to know others instead of making instant judgements of separation that were created in the past. Most of the time, our subconscious unless

trained, has a difficult time staying in the present and is easily triggered to bring an experience from the past into the present as the subconscious tries to make a current experience into something it’s already experienced and possibly judged, and repeating the situation, even if undesired, because humans tend to be afraid of the unknown. Let’s make the unknown our adventure into love and just be the love. Let’s change theworld with love!

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