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Posted on February 21, 2022

Our attachments to our idealized image and the stuff we have that symbolizes an aspect our ourselves, like books, programs, college, cars, job, marriage, etc, can keep us from connecting with our true self.  We are divine love and good enough already.  So let the things go that we think we need to be good enough to others. The only one who counts is our Creator, and They already know we are love and good enough.  It is our divine right.

The roles we play and the stuff we have are illusions in this school, this hologram, we call life. Even our personality is just an illusion of the ego to protect and hide our true self.  Our personality is just a story we’ve told ourselves so often that we have come to believe it.

Our stuff, and our experiences, our stories, are just an elaborate illusion, or hologram, that we’ve created to learn lessons we came here to learn in this realm.  This school created just for us with love by our Creator. Our thoughts are made manifest here, so be mindful of your thoughts, conscious and subconscious.  This false image of not being good enough and needing more is based on the beliefs we hold, which create thoughts, which lead to emotions we think we should have, which then lead to our reactions.  And, separates us ever further from our true self. 

The ego loves these attachments and our idealized image of ourselves.  Because usually, the ego, that nasty, pushy, voice inside, says all these negative things to get us to be “better† and “loved† and we believe them, so we feed the ego more, depend on it more to protect us and hide behind it, dimming the light of our true self, our spirit - the love we are. We start starving the love we are while we are fairly young.  And, we fall asleep, letting our car, our idealized image, be driven by the ego. We play roles, like we’re in a play, with a script written by the ego and society.  Over and over having the same experiences, they just look different at the start.  Because our brains love repetition, we create the same scenarios over and over.  These experiences also let us know where we can grow in our path towards becoming self-actualized if we choose to recognize them and heal them.

The ego does it’s best to distract us from waking up to our true selves.  It says nothing is ever enough.  Not enough money, learning, experience, good looks, job, big enough home, good children, service, is ever good enough for the ego.  And we buy it.  We buy it because at points in our lives, we let people bring us down and believe the negativity they told us, projecting their own judgements of themselves onto us.  The process continues with us as we judge others while hiding behind our idealized image and attachments, things to represent who we think the world needs to see so we’ll be safe, liked, loved.  And then we hand this pattern, these beliefs to our children.

It’s so easy to listen to the ego say we need something and that something will improve our lives. And, so easy to ignore our true self, our divine self.  The more we do it, the deeper the pattern takes root.  We are enough.  We are divine by right, and already are love and light.  Know it.  Believe it. Be the love, and prove it!

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