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Posted on March 1, 2022

When we act in ways that are not like Source - let’s ask ourselves, “Is this me or is it ego?”

When we react in ways that temporarily make us feel good, like yelling when we feel attacked (afraid), or leave a store and what we wanted because of a perceived slight, or quit because we think our boss doesn’t like us, and then have that pit in our stomach, that is our ego blocking us from our inner light, our connection from Source. And, our actions cost us. It may not be today, but they add up. Do you know that anger is a contributing factor to cancer? Our reactions lead to consequences,

just a lot of the time we are unable to connect the dots because too much time has passed. A lot of

clients tell me they had a great week, except one morning for some reason they woke up depressed or anxious and didn’t know why. Then, we shift through events and thoughts, which they hopefully journaled, and discover the possible triggers and the negative emotions and thoughts connected with the experience.


Our ego is always on the defense. Defending us against perceived dangers and also against the light. The light dispels the shadowy ego and it doesn’t want that. It wants to live. The negative ego wants control you and really runs your life, bringing in, attracting experiences that convinces you that all those negative thoughts of the ego are right. That you are not good enough, no one likes you, no one respects you - etc. What developed as a defense when you were a child due to experiences and genetics, no longer serves you and keeps you from your own spirit, your connection with Source.


So, next time you react without love and feel that pit in your stomach ask, "Is this me, or is it ego?" Chances are, you will find it’s your ego and it’s bringing you grief - whetherit’s immediate or delayed.


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