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Posted on February 17, 2022

We are supposed to have free will. But, do we? How many times have you reacted in ways that

are unloving, unspiritual and selfish? And regretted it? This isn’t you. How about when

giving to the poor so you look good to your friends, donating time and money to causes so you can

increase your circle of influence? It often MAKES us feel good - which is the first clue that the

ego is involved. When you allow something to make you feel a certain way, you are

giving your power away to your ego and to that experience/person that makes you feel that way -

positive or negative.

Our feelings come from the inside. The good ones from our connection with our soul and

our connection with Source. The negative ones when strong are from the ego - if they are

just a slight tug, they are possibly your soul telling you the action/reaction you are about to take is

not of love, or that a boundary has been crossed, although you can still respond in a loving way even

if that way is to leave the situation or lovingly confront the person. 


The ego is inside of us, developed by our genetics (now called epigenetics, hence the sins of the

father idea) and our experiences as a child, and sometimes traumatic events as a defense to

separate us from the world, and from Source - whose light and love dissolve the darkness, the ego.

It’s continuing controlling of the patterns of our thinking, emotions and behavior to live at the

expense our our true self. It confuses us with it’s conflicting demands and distracts us from

our path towards connecting with Source, becoming self-actualized. Our reason for being here.

Spirit having a human experience.


My clients often bring their journals to sessions as we have experienced first hand how we gain an

insight or wisdom, an excited moment. Then suddenly we deflect to that boss that

treated us badly, the mom that we were never good enough for, we take a sip of water or - and this

has happened - suddenly need to eat lunch! In seconds, we have forgotten the in-spirit-ation.

Unless we’ve written it down and look at it daily till it sinks in. This is no accident! It’s

your ego distracting you from connecting with your spirit.


It lives in us and we aren’t even angry. We gave it life when we were too young to realize it

and thought we needed it and it’s defenses to survive. Instead, we focus on what the ego says

is important. We want to look good, be comfortable, never have pain of any kind - and sacrifice

our souls, our peace of mind, our relationships. We think being comfortable, even if we feel

empty, depressed, is living and safe. If we get cut off driving to work, we let it ruin our day, and

we don’t even know the person who cut us off, we’ve never met them. It’s the ego that

wants us to honk back and yell, hit the steering wheel. It’s not us, it’s not our true self, our


So let’s be vigilant for the light, avoid giving our ego our power and control over us and live a

happier, more loving and peaceful life.


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