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Posted on January 15, 2020

As February comes around, I think of love. And, realize, there are many types of love. There is the love of the special relationship with a person, what Valentines Day focuses on. There is the love of a child, the love of things, parents, even the love of a passion. There are even acts and gestures of love. Mostly, I think and focus on the love that Course in Miracles states in Chapter 1,

Section VI, paragraph 4:

"Perfect love casts out fear.

If fear exists,

Then there is not perfect love.


Only perfect love exists.

If there is fear,

It produces a state that does not exist."

This tells me, and what quantum physics is now starting to confirm, that everything is energy, and that energy is love. Anything else is just a temporary creation. So, why not just make it a goal to connect with love all the time - mindfully and intentionally. It means that I am made of love, as are you, as is everyone at our core, actual, true self. That to hurt you is actually hurting me because of our connection, our being is love. Everything else is just a temporary mask or covering - an illusion.

The Course in Miracles also suggests that we are here to realize that everyone and everything is made of the energy of love. To connect with Divine love and let ourselves be guided by that love, that connection. That to not do so suggests this is a denial of the love within all, including your true self.

So, how can we connect more mindfully and deeply with this Divine love which is in all? There’s several ways! One way is to mindfully engage in meditation. This meditation can be guided, or use a focus like a mandala or candle. You can also connect through other activities like walking, art, or writing. I personally like the combination of breath with guidance meditation where I envision bringing the light of Divine love down through my crown chakra, allowing it to flow down my spine through the other chakras, down into the ground to Mother Earth, filling my body with the light of love. This is also very grounding. You can then draw the energy up through your spine, through the chakras, to come out your crown and out, giving it back to the universe. I then visualize my heart chakra being immersed and surrounded with the pink light of love, allow myself to feel, connect, with the love, let that light beam out to the ones I feel love for, then let it expand to include my home, my city, and just let it keep growing and giving.

The more you connect with love, the faster and easier it is to connect - it’s just practicing. Then, if you feel a negative emotion, you can more easily connect to love as you have practiced. Have someone yelling at you? Take a deep breath, acknowledge how you feel so you can process it, then , connecting with love, see that person as the wounded child of love they are. In this way, you can be the Divine love, peace and joy you truely are, and experience this love more and more. May you experience love, joy and light all your life.


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