My life’s purpose is to become my greatest self, and help others in doing so, finding love, peace and joy from within. I began as a child holding sessions in my backyard behind a blue spruce tree for neighborhood children. Most of these kids were lonely, abused, neglected and came to learn how to love and accept themselves, change their behavior, their family dynamics. Since I can remember, I have believed that life is a school and we can always change and learn.

I decided becoming a psychologist was the best way to help others heal. I didn’t know about therapy, even though I was already doing it. Got my BS in Biochemistry and accepted to a med school, yet something didn’t feel right, so I worked at Beaumont. I realized I wanted to counsel others, and obtained my MA in Clinical Psychology. Later, the natural thing to do was to add the study of metaphysics, and obtain my BS in Metaphysics. When I discovered what is now termed neuroplasticity, I also obtained my hypnosis certification.

I am passionate, continuously learning and integrating new techniques while maintaining an inner connection spiritually within. I love guiding others to their own inner knowing to solve their own problems in the way which is best for them, finding self-acceptance and healing within, loving and connecting with their own True Self.

I am a dedicated meditator. You may be surprised to know that my first “Zen” moment occurred while fencing! I am an avid fencer and love the moving meditation of being in the flow. During therapeutic sessions I often stop, connect, and then guide with the use of mini-meditations.

My 30+ years of experience allows me to guide others in becoming their own self-healer. I can assist you in realizing your own connection that your highest self, the part of you that always has your best interests at heart, resides within you. I can help you to identify your limiting beliefs and patterns that keep you questioning your life and make you feel stuck. I can help you to know and live as your true self, becoming actualized, knowing your true potential and living in a joyful, fulfilling way.

Miche Lamé, MALLP Owner


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