Spiritual Counseling

What Is Spiritual Counseling?

Spiritual counseling embraces building your connection with God/Creator/Source that is real, constant, and mindful. When you feel alone, lonely, or like no one is in your corner, you are not connected with your Source. Do you feel lost, wondering what to do, and need guidance? Develop your connection with the Creator/Source. When you connect with Source, you can truly have miracles and inner knowing in your life.

Spiritual Counseling is about learning to love and respect yourself and gaining self-esteem.

During these types of sessions I help you to develop and be open to loving yourself. Your body is held together with energy, your thoughts are energy, and so what you put your thoughts toward, is what you create. I can help you identify your thoughts that create your perception of the world, your holograms if you may, and that world is what you experience. With professional guidance, your ability to create the higher, divine energetic vibration of joy, love and peace that you are, with the ability to heal yourself happen even faster, even more effortlessly than trying by yourself. When you create a higher vibration, you can affect and change the vibrations of not only yourself, but of those around you, creating more harmonious relationships.

Spiritual Counseling is all about loving and connecting with one’s self and Source.

There is an energetic connection if recognized between Source and you. I can help you in learning how to allow connection with the Divine Source/Creator. And, then you learn to listen to its quiet voice. It goes beyond the five senses you have and into your soul. I compassionately guide you so you too can learn to listen to the loving guidance given every second, just for you, by Source. The answers, the guidance and love you are looking for are inside, waiting to be recognized. I work with you so you can be aware of the experience of the divine. Allowing Source’s thoughts to flow within, you begin to heal your thoughts… And your thoughts are energy, where your energy flows, your life is created.

Spiritual Counseling with me means guidance and healing.

Use spiritual guidance and vibrational healing toward freedom from suffering by acknowledging, investigating, healing deep core issues and discovering your divine purpose. All through spiritual counseling and learning to trust. With me, you learn to trust your Self, your own inner knowing and your connection with the Divine. Returning to your higher consciousness of love, truth, and completeness. Through spiritual connection, you are lifted beyond, flowing into the powerful knowing that you are a light being with the ability to rock your world!

Miche Lamé, MALLP Owner


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