Self Acceptance Healing

What Is Self Acceptance Healing?

Self Acceptance Healing is the process of using myself as a tool towards your own self growth towards living an authentic life of knowing the love and joy you already are. It is the process of opening up to the incredible person you already are, you intuitively discover where you are blocked and have constricted flow with my guidance. I assist you as your guide to allow you to view yourself as you are and where you are holding back your own magnificence. This can be from old outdated thoughts, patterns and beliefs held in place that are no longer serving you.

I compassionately guide you to seeing, feeling, accepting, and loving those facets of yourself that might be difficult to look at, or even recognize on your own. Experiencing, loving and acknowledging the ‘undesirable’ parts of yourself, I then intuitively guide you in releasing and clearing those limiting beliefs, so you can experience the unlimited love you are.

I hold a sacred space for you to find your true, divine self, and you will begin to open and heal in a safe and accepting environment. Each Self Acceptance session builds on the last, and I often assign ‘self-work’ to continue the growing process at home. Self Acceptance healing sessions also increase your own self knowing, understanding and consciousness. Discovering and breaking old, limiting patterns and developing new ones, you are assisting your life path in consciously evolving in your knowing of yourself as the love, truth, joy, and divine self you already are.

Miche Lamé, MALLP Owner


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