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Reiki Healing Services

Miche Lame offers Reiki energy healing services to Metro Detroit. Serving Huntington Woods, Southfield, Ferndale, Birmingham and Southfield. If you’re interested in learning how Reiki can help your life. Contact us today!

What Is Reiki?

Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive Japanese technique used for stress reduction, relaxation, and promoting healing at a deep level. It is done by ‘laying of the hands’ just above the body. Reiki is based on channeling the universal life-force energy through us in order to help heal ourselves and others. This life force energy is the energy of life, God, and so is available to everyone. If our life force is low, or out of balance, we have a greater likelihood of becoming ill, feeling stress, and more emotionally unbalanced.

The word Reiki is derived from the word ‘rei’ meaning Gods spiritual wisdom, and the word ‘ki’ meaning life force energy. Through Reiki, we have a never ending supply of this life force energy that flows through and around us to improve ourselves, those around us, and our world in general. Reiki treats the whole person, body, mind, emotions, and spirit. If any of these attributes are out of balance, our experience of our world is out of balance. Everything is connected, so if one thing is out of balance, all is out of balance.

Reiki balances the energy within, providing many wonderful effects such as peacefulness, joy, security, and well-being. Many have reported what appear to be miraculous physical healings, such as less pain, stress, helping to assist in the body to heal. Reiki treatments are not a replacement for medical care, nor is Reiki used to treat or diagnose any disease. However Reiki is used in many hospitals and alternative treatment centers today to assist in the body healing. Reiki can improve our quality of life, improving our connection with God/Creator.

Please note that during these difficult times surrounding Covid-19 I am only doing Reiki session remotely through video chat.

Life Activation Services

This activation begins the process of igniting your 22 strands of DNA which awakens your unique, divine blueprint, strengthening your connection with your Higher Self and sets a foundation for major shifts and inner healing. This allows you to know yourself as the divine being you are.

Activation of all 22 strands of your DNA also enables you to bring in, use and create an anchor for more Divine Light (positive energy) in your physical body. A Life Activation is an ancient modality which empowers you to maximize, and use, your full potential to bring forth unrevealed talents and abilities, and gives you more vitality and clarity. It can awaken your intuition. It begins a process of releasing unconscious patterns (old emotional traps and genetic cycles we fall into), while increasing your ability to use more of your brain the way you were meant to.
In addition to the Life Activation itself, this session also includes several energy alignments to help you achieve, keep, and use the Divine Light while having a sense of peace and connection between your mind, body and spirit.
* Crown Cap Removal

  • Central Core Balancing
  • 16 Lotus Petal Awakening
  • Elemental and Magnetic Line Balancing
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Negative Crystal Removal
  • Brief Channeled Reading

This Life Activation modality is from the Hermetic lineage of King Soloman. It is way to removing some of the block preventing you from manifesting your full potential and allow you to have clarity as to your life purpose and fulfilling your mission here on earth.

This Life Activation is now available to all who seek it to activate their inner self, their Divine Self and fulfill their Divine purpose so we, together can raise the vibration of others and the world. So we can be our Divine self living in a Divine world.

The benefits of Life Activation can include:

Deeper Clarity of Purpose
Stronger and Deeper Connection to Your Divinity
Enhanced Energy and Positive Mood
Increased Physical and Emotional Resilience
Releasing Old Negative Patterns and Moving Through Blocks/Resistance
Awakening of Your Intuition
Increased Energy


=> Do you seek clarity on who you really are and your life’s purpose?

=> Do you feel called to be or do more, but you’re not sure how to do it?

=> Do you feel stuck and long to break free? To start living your life with meaning?

=> Do you have a sense of missing out on something and not sure what?

If so, a Life Activation may be for you. A life activation may be YOUR KEY to breaking through and connecting with your true self, your Divine Self, and your Life Purpose!

Also includes a 1-month supply of Purificato and Crystalis – a vibrational elixir that will assist in the facilitation in the energy clearing that began with this session.

Investment: $250


The Ensofic Ray is a pure ray channelled by the practitioner directly from the Universe as a means of invigorating the physical body and directing attention and healing to areas where negative thoughts and emotions are stored. This healing sends divine healing light, working through negative energies within the body, removing blocked energy that may underlie physical symptoms and/or psychological issues.

The Ensofic Ray energy helps to purify the energy systems to flow more freely thereby providing more peace, mental clarity, a renewed sense of connection to purpose and heightens your vibration, elevating you above the illness that lower vibrations create.
Investment: $200

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