Intuitive Counseling

What Is Intuitive Counseling?

Intuitive Counseling is a combination of therapeutic techniques and intuitive abilities. Through my intuitive abilities, I am able to access information that may or may not be known by the unconscious mind. This way, I am able to guide a person to become aware of the true sources of distress, and so, able to then resolve and work through situations and patterns that are energetically and unconsciously blocking their spiritual path towards greatness and love.

This unique, wonderful process takes you above and beyond the rational/limited confines of your mind, and the boundaries of traditional therapy. While I am awakening and validating your innermost, unseen, unheard (so far), true authentic voice, you are learning the process of accepting your true voice. At that point, you are ready to validate and respond to your own intuition, your own true inner guidance to your own knowing and connection with God.

Miche Lamé, MALLP Owner


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