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What Is Emotional Health Practitioning ©?

Feeling stuck? Lost? Weary with life? Wonder what went wrong? With traditional Emotional Health Practitioning ©, I focus on your awareness of past emotion hurts upon which you can get “emotionally stuck”. The more aware you are of your past experiences dictating your present, the more able you are to reduce sinking into what feels like unreasonable panic, depression, anxiety, and feeling isolated, alone, and worthless, unlovable. With holistic Emotional Health Practitioning ©, I can assist you in becoming more mindful and aware when you feel small, allow yourself to experience fully what you are feeling, work through and release those feelings, thoughts and experiences, and can then connect with your rational self, a joyful self, able to focus your energy, talents and intelligence towards your higher good.

Troubled-Couple-second-paragraph-psychotherapy-pageIn therapy I create a safe place for you to heal. I am your compassionate and accepting guide so you can accept and learn from your mistakes, taking responsibility for your actions… thereby no longer hurting yourself or the ones you love with underlying anger, hurt, or fears from which you would rather attack, than be vulnerable and wounded again. I assist you in working through and releasing old hurts still re-creating past scenarios over and over — even being drawn to these who hurt you in an effort to resolve your past wounds. After all, that is the reality you tend to create, repeat, and a part of you knows it, are afraid of the unknown and, like many of us, your ego has an inner need to be right. Your thoughts and emotions create your reality. I can guide you in recognizing and letting go of the ego.

Psycho-Therapy-Page-Dark-Hair-Thumbs-Up-third-paragraphEmotional Health Practitioning © looks at the underlying causes of behavior and feelings in a safe and accepting environment. As a holistic therapist I go a step further so you can reach your full potential to discover your Higher Self, including all the love, joy and peace inside you and bring it out so you can experience it in your life. As you allow yourself in therapy with me to explore and connect with situations and emotions that you spend your energy trying not to feel and get stuck in, you can end up feeling at one, whole, able to function more fully for your highest good, obtaining “self-actualization”, the goal of Emotional Health Practitioning ©. Depending on your bent, you can even feel a stronger connection with the Creator/Source/God. Enabling you to know and experience your true self as the joy, love and peace you are. Creating your life the way you want it… free to be the best you can be.

Miche Lamé, MALLP Owner


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