Most of the clients I see want to have a different experience in life, and some just don’t even want to be here and are ungrounded or as more than one put it,“dissociated.”  We are here to learn and experience from a soul level, and to do that, we have to be grounded and in our bodies to have those experiences.  If we are sleepwalking in our body, it’s like driving a car with eyes closed, wondering how and why we are getting into accidents.

So when we pray, ideally, we are praying for a shift in awareness or perception, vibration.  Part of the healing is, as the Course and Hay, as well as most esoteric knowings is to Know Thyself.  And, in knowing thyself as part of the divine, we are naturally love and lovable, and loving.

By connecting our heart/soul center with the divine, usually through some sort of meditation, and therapies, we are able to ignite the spark of the divine, the change within ourselves.  We are able to connect with divine love and the soul is able to discern the false and fearful images of the ego, what we’ve been taught genetically, from our parents and society.

By connecting with the divine through prayer or meditation, we are able to connect more fully with our divine loving self and heal from our foundation within.

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