I find a lot of people pray for something to happen for another person, or a change in their own circumstances like money to pay the rent or guidance in what to do in a situation, and then don’t listen or look out for the answer.

I think A Course in Miracles has the right idea.  That prayer is for true healing in that it helps create a shift in consciousness or perception within the soul that is here to learn and grow.  That healing is impermanent unless it starts in the heart or soul center.  Yes, we can pray for healing for others and that has power, especially when the person is unable to pray for themselves, yet we are all connected and healing is really for ourselves.  Louise Hay in You can Heal Your Life pointed out that dysfunction and dis-ease starts within the self and in “NOT LOVING THE SELF!” (pg 23 of 2004 edition).

We need to start the healing at a soul level, healing the body or the outer is temporary as it is not the source of the problem.  We can heal internally, at the soul level to trigger external healings, but external healings often are just that, external and so are therefore temporary.  When we heal at a soul level, the heart or Christ level, we are literally changing our inner vibration which then emanates outward and has the ability to change our world and our perception of our experiences, often resulting in a different outcome than we would have expected before the inner shift, the inner healing.

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