Last time I wrote about how our brains actually look for the negative.

The brain is not alone in this programming, our subconscious mind and ego are also supporting our brains on the focus of negativity.

The subconscious loves patterns from the past and tries to make our current experiences fit into those patterns.  Unfortunately for a lot of us, our childhood is full of negative experiences, as is our teens and adulthood.  Working them out in therapy is a great choice for starting to reprogram your mind, ego and subconscious.

I’ve found in working with clients, the subconscious especially gloms onto old, negative patterns of experiencing and behaving.  We work and re-wire the subconscious layer by layer and can support this work with intentionally changing our behavior physically and our thoughts with affirmations and other ways.

You can look online for a picture of what’s called “cycles of behavior.”  These will be pictures that your subconscious can relate to.  Then, you have to be authentic with yourself to identify the triggers you have that trigger your unwanted behavior and thoughts.  Then, choose a step in your own cycle that you are willing to go “off script” and replace the negative reaction/behavior with a desired one.

It will feel uncomfortable for both you and the person you have these cycles with, especially family and close friends.  It will be worth it!  You will be intentionally creating the life you want!

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