How will you be happy if you’re always looking for the negative?

By now most of us are aware that what we believe and think on a subconscious level determines how we experience life.  It really is all in our mind.  I’ve read quite a few studies that have shown the mind controls most of how we experience our reality.

This has been implied or referred to by many greats, like Einstein who said, “Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions.”  We’ve heard, “If you think it, you be it.” Buddha said, “Our life is shaped by our mind: we become what we think.” There are plenty of sayings we read and hear about this concept of the mind being in control as they are all over the place.

The problem, we psychotherapists know, is that the mind was developed to look out for what is dangerous to us and to avoid these dangers so we could survive.  Our brain focuses on the negative, plain and simple.  Our wonderful brain does exactly what our genetics have developed it to do – it not only focuses on the negative, our mind actually searches for the negative.

Life was about survival thousands of years ago, not about being happy, connected with the divine and surrounded by loving family.  Our mind and ego’s “comfort zone” is looking for attacks, the negative around us.

Take a good, real look at your life.  Can you find the positive?  Feel the gratitude?  Focus on that.  A good, well-used practice is keeping a gratitude journal.  It might be difficult at first – keep at it.  It can change your life.

More on changing your life in the next newsletter.  In the meantime, be blessed!

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