The most important relationship is your relationship with God, the Divine, Spirit.  All our other relationships merely reflect that important relationship.  We just have to look at our primary relationships to realize what our relationship with God is actually like.

Are your relationships full of love, deep intimacy and trust?  Our primary relationship issues stem from our lack of connection and unfulfilling relationship with God.  And remember, God is always present, loving, accepting and trustworthy.  If there is an issue, it is with us.  I know that at one time, someone I loved died and I rejected God for many years.  That was on my end, and due to my own projection.  Never mind that person was living a dangerous life and that they were responsible for their choices.  I chose to blame and project onto God.  And fell asleep for many years.  Those years are all a haze.

It is that “haze” in fact, that I look for when working with someone as that tells me they were disconnected from themselves and God.  During that time they were “sleepwalking” through life.  Inauthentic and discontented from their true selves and God, the Divine – on their end.  Just like myself, we can wake up and improve our relationship with God, or the quantum field which is, like God, within everything and connects everything.  So, if we are disconnected, it’s on our end, not God’s.

Perhaps it’s time for us to accept God is not like our human parents, and doesn’t have human attributes.

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