It’s not just the small actions that bring us closer to our goals, it’s also time and having the right small actions done repeatedly over time.

It’s like planting a tomato seed.  It’s not going to be a big plant and have tomatoes tomorrow, or even next week.  It’s going to take time to get your tomatoes.  And some actions have to be taken.  The plant has to have sunlight every day and enough water.  It might need time to be trained daily to vine up a ladder.  You might have to take action to protect it against bugs and squirrels (we share ours with the squirrels as there’s enough for all).  We plant an idea, take the time to let it germinate and grow, then harvest and reap our rewards.

The thing is, you have to take almost daily actions over time and have awareness for your tomato plant to reach your goal of having tomatoes.

It’s like that in life.  Small positive or negative actions build up over time and you really do reap what you’ve sown.  There are no overnight successes.  Want to connect to the your Higher Self or the Divine through meditation?  Buddhists practice meditation daily to achieve that connection.  Want to become a priestess?  It takes years of action and daily practice.  One usually doesn’t just decide to be a priestess overnight and then has people she’s guiding the next day.  There are a lot of small, daily steps that need to be taken and time for those steps/actions to bear fruit for that to happen.

Overnight successes are never successful overnight.  All those successful people have put in the effort over time and are collecting their fruit.  What are you willing to put the time into to achieve your goals?

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