Whatever your goal, whether it be body building, business, relationships, studying, health or connecting with the divine, a secret to help you get the results you desire is to put in the time each day.

This is time not just thinking about what you want.  It is time actively doing something, action, towards getting your goal. Like wanting to ride a bike 100 miles, you might start by riding just a couple of miles daily for a week, then keep adding a mile each time you ride.  It seems small and boring, yet those miles build up and over time, you will be riding those 100 miles that was your goal.

The idea is to put the time in each day to get the results you want over time.  Problem is, we often give up because we want results super soon.  We are a society of instant gratification.  We have to overcome ourselves to rise and achieve our goals.  It is so easy to say we will do something tomorrow, or we’re tired, etc.  Before we know it, we’ve stopped and are back to what we were.  And possibly worse, dejected we didn’t achieve our goal.

I think that’s what happens every new year when people decide they will go on a diet.  Then that junk food comes and you think “Just once won’t hurt.”  Those “just once’s” add up over time, and you stop losing weight, decide the diet doesn’t work and give up.  Small actions add up over time.

What small actions can you change to bring yourself closer to your goals?

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