You can remember the little things that got you to your success.  Things like taking a few minutes to breathe deeply and saying 10 things you’re grateful for before getting out of bed.  Or writing in your journal for 5 minutes every day at a time you have scheduled for it.  It could be doing yoga/exercise every morning for 30 minutes.  Possibly like myself and some of my friends, you take some time every day to watch or read something informative for self-growth.  Or, it could be scheduling yourself for meditation (guided or not) every day.

It’s doing these little, simple things, or things like these, that work for you and help you be successful and doing them consistently every day so that over time, they become your habits, your new routine.  These things can be individualized to you.  I have a client who’s started up the habit of telling herself “I have 5 minutes today to make one more phone call” and has increased her business (and self-confidence, happiness) and surpassed her original goal in days.  You can also look at your self-talk making sure it’s positive.

You have the ability to change your life by yourself, with the actions that took you from feeling sad, lost, anxious – wherever you were – to the joy, happiness and success you always desired.  All you need to do is keep doing the things that worked before.

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