There are few things in life that can’t be changed.  Like when someone has declared something a miracle – that is “just” them changing their thoughts.  It’s taking what we are experiencing and the thoughts around that and choosing differently.  It does require focus and practice, discipline and the help of the divine.  And, sometimes, it just requires a strong emotional push.  I once wished for something deeply with my whole heart and felt the emotional energy burst forth.  The next day I had the beginning of my wish.  When wishing, just remember everyone has free will and your wish must not go against anyone’s free will.  Mess just happens then.

So one of the keys to realize is if you continue to be unfocused and think as you have been, believe as you have been, then nothing in your life will change.  You must look into both your conscious and subconscious thoughts.  Thoughts are energy/emotion with direction.  Thoughts direct your energy/emotion and tells the universe what you want, and what you are going for, attracted to.

Energy is always in motion, if you feel stuck and not getting what you want, remember that your energy/emotions just feel stuck as you and your thoughts have not changed.  You are continuing to ignore your subconscious thoughts and in a pattern or cycle of behavior that you are doing over and over, like a treadmill going no where.  Start identifying your subconscious thoughts.  Journals are good for that, avoiding judgement of any thoughts – they are just thoughts and now you can change them once recognized.  Write down the destructive behavior cycles you notice, or ask a close friend who can see them from a different point of view.  Start thinking out of the box and reverse your life.  Create the life you really want for your higher purpose, fulfilling your spiritual path.

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