When we give our attention to negative thoughts, we are changing our vibration to a lower vibration and incorporating it into our personal vibration, and therefore, attracting the negative situation we don’t want to us.

Like attracts like, so the converse is also true.  When we give our attention to positive thoughts, something we desire, we are also including that into our vibration and attracting that positive situation to us.  We are unable to exclude anything we give our attention to, positive or negative, because when we give our attention to it, think it, it becomes part of and affects our vibration.  This will happen every time.  There are no exceptions.

A lot of people tell me of the positive thoughts they have, the positive affirmations they say, and complain they are not having positive results.  They are receiving what they are actually focused on.  They just are looking at their surface thoughts.  We as a people, like others to think of us in a positive manner, and are often taught to be people pleasers.  Being a people pleaser (and I tend to be one of them) is a great survival technique in dangerous situations when we feel threatened.  This ability loses its effectiveness as we grow and we wonder why we aren’t having the life we desire.

Being a people pleaser, focusing on suppressing fear and negative thoughts does not make them go away.  They hide and thrive in our subconscious mind and negative ego.  And, this becomes the foundation of our thoughts, our vibrations.

Recommendation: Give up being a people pleaser and go inward, see what your actual thoughts are so you can work them through.

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