Last time I wrote about forgiveness being self-care for the Self.  I neglected to mention that if someone has betrayed you, that they still have to earn your trust back, if they ever do.  Forgiving is different from trusting.

Once we know that this world is a world of experiences with the physical, and our spirits are safe, it’s so much easier to see things from an observer’s point of view.  It’s like we are watching a movie, connecting with the hurt, and when the movie has moved on, so have we.  We cry during movies, feel anger, hope, cheer on the characters all at different times as the movie goes on, and when the movie is done, there may be a little emotion left, and by the next day, none.  Because we stop taking the experience or situation personally we let go of the emotions.

We can do the same in our life experiences.  Some experiences are very traumatic and the energy rests in our body, and those experiences usually involves physical harm or the death of someone.  We can still forgive, sometimes with the guidance of our Higher Self, God or a therapist, it just might take a little longer to access the emotions especially if we’ve been overwhelmed and shut down for protection, to survive in a sense.  We can still access them so we can heal and forgive, releasing ourselves from inner torment.

I know this seems simplistic, as does the phrase “Let go, Let God”, yet the more we forgive, the freer we are.  We can more easily access our spiritual selves, our Higher Self, the Divine, our guides and be grounded when we have less blockages in our own energy from forgiving perceived wrongs.

Next time you are “hurt” emotionally, remember that forgiveness is the greatest self care for the self.  You are the gainer in forgiveness!

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