How often do we talk about caring for our selves? Caring for the self comes in many guises. It can mean taking a walk in nature, having a bubble bath, baking for self or others – really it’s individual. It’s a way we can ground and center, relax into our selves.

Yet, one of the best ways of self care is forgiveness. Forgiveness releases negative energy that you are holding against another, hurting you instead of them. And, it’s like that rotten apple in the bag affecting the other apples, and the rottenness grows. Only this “rottenness” grows within you, sapping you of your energy and focus, blocking the light from coming in and raising you up. That’s not to say we can’t feel angry, just work through it so it can be released.

It gets really easy when you KNOW that this is a holographic world and all hurt is temporary. That means, in a sense, the hurt never really occurred on a spirit level, the part of us that is eternal. The hurt just happened in this holographic dimension. When we play a video game and our character is “hurt” or “killed”, this is a TEMPORARY situation. You, yourself, are not hurt or killed. Your character just goes on to its next life or you create a new one. Same idea.

Next time you are “hurt” emotionally, remember that forgiveness is the greatest self care for the self.

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