We all know there is a reason that airlines tell you to put your air mask on yourself first, and then see to others. It’s the idea that if we take care of ourselves first, we are then able to take care of others. The same actually goes for loving yourself first, then giving love to others. If we don’t have something, we can’t give it to someone else, and this applies to love also. When we are unable to find love for ourselves, it’s difficult to open our heart to give true love to someone else.

In a previous writing, I explored the idea of connecting with and loving God first, then ourself. Our relationship with God is the foundation of our relationship with ourself and then others. As our love and connection with God grows, this connection becomes a pattern of how we can develop connection and love with ourself. This connection is important to knowing and loving the divine, God, and our True Self as well as loving others. Also, knowing both our eternal self and the self we present in this plane of existence is important to knowing the areas where we are here to grow.

Because, as we start to love ourself, our inner perceptions start to shift. We start to recognize the nasty self-sabotaging inner thoughts and beliefs that keep us down. We start to recognize the experiences that we have over and over as challenges for our own growth in this lifetime.

In this way of knowing ourselves, we can acknowledge our limiting beliefs and sabotaging thoughts that lead to behavior and vibrations that keep bringing these challenges to our experiences in this lifetime. This allows us to start thinking in the present moment instead of going into an old pattern of “how can I be safe with this person,” to “is this in my best interest if I love myself?” “If I love myself, is this the experience I want to have?”

Because once we recognize our Thoughts, we can recognize the correlation between what we think, what we believe, and realizing that’s actually what we subconsciously seek. It’s kind of like a sieve through which we choose what is filtered into our lives. If I think “life has to be hard” something easy is likely to go right through that sieve and I’ll let it go keeping the hard stuff for my experience. Then this belief is verified, it then happens over and over. Then we wonder “why is this happening to me again?”

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