A common question my clients wonder is how to get to know themselves. There are many different ways to begin the journey of getting to know you. We are all here to experience and grow, and one of the things that help us grow and have more profound experiences is to know ourselves. And that’s why we have experiences – to deepen our learning and our knowledge of ourselves as the mini creators we are.

One of the first things we can do to start knowing ourselves starts with the deep breathing through our belly that I’ve written about before. That breath allows us to pause and connect with our feelings and emotions. All emotions are ok. They are the guideposts guiding us when we acknowledge them. Just know that many of our emotions are actually from our past. The situation we find ourselves in triggers a memory as our subconscious mind likes repetition and will react as we did in the original experience. The pause lets us discern if the emotional reaction is from the past or present.

Next, own the emotion, acknowledge it so we can use it as guidance, and discover who we are and where we come from. It allows us to be authentic with ourselves and our Creator, who already knows all. Owning the emotion releases the energy we usually use to push our emotions away, allowing us to feel more energetic and supported by the universe. Because we are supporting ourselves and being our true Selves. Owning the emotion also helps us grow into connecting and trusting our own inner knowing that we have ignored for so long. How can we expect anyone else to listen or acknowledge us if we avoid listening and acknowledging ourselves? Remember, the world we experience is a mirror of our own Self.

When we own our emotions, we then have the courage to share our emotions with others. We live a more authentic life because when our interactions with ourselves are more authentic, it’s reflected in how we interact with others. It’s also reflected in what we are drawn to and are attracted to as we grow in self-knowledge, the experience of our life changes and becomes more positive. Because we are divine spirit having a human experience. We realize and integrate this knowledge as we get to know our Self.

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