Why do we recreate our childhood patterns, especially trauma?  The subconscious looks to recreate patterns (feels safer as knows what to expect) and so will look for those who fit those patterns, and if not, will behave in a way to bring that pattern out.  And “trauma repetition” occurs often, can not tell you how often a client works though a trauma, changes their behavior and their partner magically seems to stop the behavior that was triggering negative emotions. Or the partner leaves and the person is attracted to someone without that trigger, who is quite possibly able to have and support a healthy relationship.

I love A Course in Miracles!  It was where I personally was introduced to the idea of identifying negative thoughts, then being vigilant to be aware of them, stop sleepwalking about, work through them and reframe/replace them with positive thoughts that bring about long-term happiness.  In fact, I support short, positive affirmations like “I love myself” and “I am energetic”, my current ones, as many times as can be remembered every day upon waking till going to sleep.  That reprograms the subconscious with two intentional and positive thoughts and creates more love and energy as those are the focus!

I recommend just using 1-2 statements so the focus is more – focused!  Where our focus is, that’s where the energy goes and builds.  It’s like being in an ocean, swimming for one buoy versus keeping on changing your mind and swimming towards one buoy, changing your mind and swimming towards another, then changing your mind… and you get the picture.  Just choose mindfully 1-2 feel good positive thoughts to create what you desire.  And, your energy will change as well as have the whole universe and angels supporting your efforts.

Just remember, our thoughts determine our focus, and that focus as well as the universe, our very energy, looks for ways to fulfill those thoughts, so what we think, what we focus on expands.  The subconscious is happy, we might not be, but the subconscious feels safe, happy, in its recognition of a pattern it wants to expand.  So, be mindful of your thoughts as what we focus on builds and expands and that’s what we experience.

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