Do you ever wonder why your life is not the way you’ve dreamt of?  That things are hard, not fair, no one cares, and there’s always drama?  Ever wonder what your purpose in life is?  Why you are here?

That’s because you are unconnected with your inner wisdom, your divine wisdom, and so are unable to actually use your divine connection with all the infinite wisdom of the divine.  When we are unconnected with the divine, we are unable to use discernment as to what next right step we can take to improve our life from an inner sense, our Higher Self.

You have the power to create your life.  You do it all the time.  How can you use discernment to create your life?  As mentioned above, the first step is to strengthen your connection with God or the Divine.  This connection, when we make it an intentional habit to check in, can be our guide towards our highest good.  And that is really what discernment is, taking a breath, stepping back, observing what’s really going on, and intentionally checking in with the divine, your Higher Self, for the guidance to what the best thing is to do moving forward.  Then, patting that cute little ego on the head yelling for attention, let it know you heard it, and are doing what divine is guiding you to do.

As you strengthen this practice more, the answers come quicker and there is a feeling that settles in your heart center that you start to recognize.  For me, this feeling is like a “chunking” or “settling” a “release” and my heart feels expansive.  Often, my heart sings!  Practice, see what works for you and how your Higher Self lets you know you are connected and allow your Higher Self to guide you as to the next action you can take on your path.

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