We are divine.  How do we know this?  All the ancient texts tell us so.  We are part of God, our Source, and God our Source is all.  So, everything in this universe, in any dimensions, are of the Source, including us.  We are the creators, the believer of our dreams, imagination, thoughts and behavior.  Therefore, consciously or unconsciously we create our experience of our world with our thoughts directing the energy of the matrix to create.  Together, our collective consciousness creates our world with our collective thoughts.

So, how do we create from our divine self?   We must Know Ourselves first.  That means knowing the light and shadow parts, and accepting all of them without judgement yet with love.

I find one of the best ways to do this is to step back and be the impartial observer.  This impartial observer is, I think, our Higher Self, our True Self.  When we respond from that place, from our heart center, the center of our soul, our True Self, we respond with love and acceptance.  It is from the I AM presence or the divine within ourselves.

Connecting with our True Self, we get to know our Self.  We are able to see and have compassion for our inner wounded child, our dysfunctional patterns and shadow self.  We can then choose how we want to grow and heal those parts, accepting their weaknesses and strengths, yes, strengths.  Every strength has some weakness and every weakness some strength.

It is up to us to decide who we want to be, by getting to know ourselves, our True Self.  We can then create from there, mindfully, the person and the experiences we want to have in this world.

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