So, who are you?  You are divine, a part of God, Source – the “I AM” – you are what you believe you are as you are the creator of your experiences as a human.  You are a divine spark of Source, spirit, having a human experience.

What you believe in as a creator yourself gives you the power to create your experience of reality.  You have the power to believe anything you want.  The problem is, I see most people believing what they have been taught to believe.  Those teachings come from many places: our genetics, our upbringing, society, religion, school, peers.  The gift is, we have the power to mindfully change our beliefs.

The first step is to recognize what those beliefs are.  Anything we say “I AM” to furthers our beliefs, our programming of those beliefs.  And then we create more beliefs that are in alignment with those original beliefs.  If we are not the person we desire to be, it’s usually due to our beliefs that don’t let us be the person we want.  We are trapped in a self-created program of being a self that is not our True Self.

Our True Self is larger and more divine than we can conceive.  As we are a spirit, a spark of unlimited Source, we have the ability to be unlimited.  What we think is what we create, so if those thoughts are limiting, so are our creations.  Same with our imagination. I find that a lot of authority figures seem to just want others to think the way they do and suppress others imagination as that gives them a false sense of control/power and feeds their ego, making them feel safe.

Know that you are the creator and the creation that you create.  So, be vigilant as to what you are creating with your imagination, thoughts and actions.  Are they from the seat of the soul, the heart, or is it in accordance with what you’ve been taught.

The idea of being separate from God, our Source, is only a belief that has been handed down.  We are not our beliefs, we are the believer, the divine spirit, the Higher Self.   Let’s let go of our programmed identities, beliefs and the idea of separation and embrace our True Self, one of divine spirit, love, light and union with God, Source.  Know that that is who we are – Love and Light, united with God.  Anything else is just a belief we’ve been taught.

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