We are told that achieving certain goals like college will improve our lives.  There’s a lot of college grads out there who are still searching for happiness and love.  I know, I’ve worked with them.  What we are all really searching for is Divine Love, a path to connecting with our Divine Self, to know our own Self better so we can make better choices and connect with, feel love.  To connect with our hearts, the seat of the Divine, the Christ Center, Love center – the God center.  To know why we are here and what makes our hearts sing, and the song of the heart, the song of the divine leads us to our fullest joy, potential and love.

Paraphrasing, the Christ said the longest road is from the head to the heart.  We are taught to cut off our connection with our heart and lean focus on the mind to accomplish societal and parental goals.  Let’s throw that out and connect with our hearts, our Divinity, our true, Divine Self, and learn what truly makes our hearts sing!

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