We often replace our Divine Self with our personality.  This personality is a composite of defenses for our survival, designed so we can fit in with our tribe or society.  This process starts when we are in the womb and feel and think what our mother felt and thought.  This process started to smother the flame of our Divine Self.

The personality is different from our individuality – or Divine Self, our divine essence and connection with God.  The personality becomes a composite of what we took in from our mother while in the womb, the genetics of both parents, ideologies and programming we’ve been taught and what we’ve learned from others, not God.  The personality is about ourselves, the world, and how we safely fit into the world and “survive”.  We’ve forgotten who our True Self is, the Divinity of our own Self and have fallen asleep at the wheel, letting our survival programming drive us.

Life is about more than just surviving, it’s about love, life is meant to be joyful and a growth process.  Yet, when we fill our cup with what we’ve been taught, we often don’t leave room for love, the divine and smother our true Self, our unique individuality and gifts given to us from God and move away from love.

So, the part of us, our masks, labels and roles we show to society to fit in and survive often displaces our Divine Self.  We interact from a script that is old, and present as just a shadow of who we can be.  We find ourselves working from our survival programming and NOT from love and wonder why our lives are so messed up.  We’ve lost focus on the true goal of being Divine Love to the best of our ability and living being that Divine Love.

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