As many of you know, I spent a lot of time in Toronto recently learning a new form of reiki called “Ensofic Reiki.”
Unlike any other Reiki I’ve been trained in, we take divine energy directly into the body to create a higher vibration, and inscribe that energy into the body so that the body can hold this higher vibrational energy. I was actually taught by an amazing Master, Ipsissimus Hideto Nakagome, who came over from Japan and had a translator to learn this new technique. And it’s amazing.
The first session consists of bringing in this Reiki energy, this divine energy, and balancing the two hemispheres of the brain. The right brain or creative feminine brain, and the left or logical masculine brain. We need balance and brain hemispheres working together to raise our vibration and start living life consciously and with joy.
The next thing in the first session is to cleanse the body of negative energy allowing it to move out of the body leaving space for the divine positive energy to be held and we also cleanse the aura of the body. You can imagine the joy and freedom the lightness that this can create within a person as their vibrational level rises.
The second session is absolutely amazing. We again have the energy to balance the hemispheres of the brain and then we move into inscribing symbols of power into the aura and bringing in the divine energy and anchoring it in the aura key points. This allows the body to maintain this higher vibration longer and becomes a way of being. People tell me they feel amazing after this and are able to feel empowered and make good choices for themselves and to change how they interact with others so they do no harm. That they actually have more of a life. It’s like they’ve woken up and are enjoying life as heaven on earth, being their best, loving and healthy self. And that’s the goal isn’t it!
The third session is more flexible. We can work on eliminating a poor habit and/or we can work on certain areas of the body to bring divine energy to that area of the body. The last session is up to the inner guidance of the client and sometimes the healer as to where to go with this wonderful healing divine energy.
And, if needed this third session can be done at a distance. If someone wants long distance healing the third session is the session that we use to bring in this divine energy and encourage the healing along. The general healing from a distance can be done anytime.
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