During the holiday season, it is very easy to treat others as divine, with love, kindness and compassion, as everywhere there are reminders of The Christ, Love and Good Will towards men as the song goes. We have and treat others with divine love during this time of year. As we are all connected, all having the spark of God, the Divine Source, that love expands and grows exponentially, and resonates in us, becoming stronger and more potent.
What if we put in the work to maintain that inner and outer expansive connection to Divine Love, integrating that feeling and connection of Divine Love, compassion and connection with each other mindfully all year long? What if we treat all those we interact with, including ourselves, with the respect and awe we would if we were meeting God? What if we acknowledge in ourselves and others the speck of God that is within each of us and acted accordingly?
When we remember and know our own divinity, that inner flame of the divine that we all have, it may be easier to connect with Divine Love and spread that love to others year round. We may stop judging ourselves and other, letting go of fear and replace that fear and judgement with love and compassion.
We may be imperfect humans moving into divine perfection, yet we can do the work to accomplish the goal of knowing ourselves as divine faster by experiencing the divine within our selves and each other every day.
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