When we realize that every thought is a prayer, we can look at what we’re praying for. For your mom to stop bugging you? That boss to just go to H*#!? That partner to just leave you alone?
What happens when that thought is brought to fruition by the energy focused around it? Do you really want any of those things to happen?
And what about those negative names? Do we really want to label people like “bastard”, “bitch” or one close to my heart, “stupid”? Let’s stop demeaning each other. Those words hurt and help create the person being just that by validating their own neg thoughts of their shadow self, and your thoughts, fueled with your emotions, will create just that in your experience. Those thoughts, words, and energy of your emotions disallow others to be their authentic selves, Love and Light. They, especially with our young, who are like sponges and take on the stories that they are told and start to believe they are stupid, horrible, bad, etc. – not the Love they are.
Using negative thoughts and labels, these are prayers that create that negativity in unconscious ways, and sometime consciously when the ego is threatened. And, we lose our connection with the divine, with Love, and create fear, separation. Divine Love is of free will and won’t go where pushed away. The vibrations are too different.
What if we use out thoughts, our prayers to become Love. Thinking and acting with love as the Christ, the Buddha, did. It’s about a process of continuing to take a breath, be mindful in the moment as to where you are at, love or fear. A great practice is to set an alarm hourly and at that time, to take a breath, see things objectively, look at our thoughts, and connect with Love. The energy of the whole day changes.
What happens when we hold the energy of defense, negative emotions? We get more conflict. What if we had the energy of an open heart, connect with Love? Maybe, make more connections with Love, be the lighthouse shinning Love and Light. All of us want the same things – love, connection, peace. Let’s help each other get that, create heaven on earth with our loving thoughts. As we now know, in the quantum field we are all connected. In the energy of the divine, we are all connected. So, lets create positive thoughts, because each thought is a prayer and creates.