What if every thought was a prayer? What are your thoughts saying that you’re praying for? Thoughts create emotions, which create force of energy towards an action. As we are creators, as Source, our Creator, made us in it’s image, what we think, we create. Our divine mission is to listen for the voice of Source, and willfully change our thoughts to be in agreement with the love we are, and act on that love.
Just take the time to be still, and go within to the part of us that is eternal, the spark of the divine, the Creator. And to grow our connection with our Source. As our relationship with Source grows and becomes stronger, more often, we are more easily able to respond with the Love connection we have. Becoming a lighthouse of joy and love, shining this joy and love to everyone and everywhere.
What do you think would happen if you made the commitment to see and think of everyone you meet as a divine being, see that divine spark in them – just for one day. Just committing to validate and see the Light, the Love of the divine in every one you meet, regardless of if they are acting nice or not. Knowing that if they are not, they are acting in defense, out of their ego, and it’s not from their true self, love. Change your negative thoughts to positive, no matter who they appear to be, or what the situation appears to be. And then, can you do that with yourself? See yourself as divine, letting go of any negative thoughts you have about yourself?
Seeing the divine in yourself can be challenging when you are listening to a negative voice inside that’s from your shadow self or ego. Just close your eyes and allow yourself to know the divine being you are. That those negative voices and thoughts are not you, just a script that no longer serves you. It no longer protects you from fear, disappointment, sadness, grief or emotional or physical harm. In fact, the negativity may be drawing those very same experiences to you. Just let them go knowing they are not the true you.
As our relationship with Source grows, our thoughts start transforming. They become more loving and mindful, in the present moment. The ego’s negative voice becomes smaller and the defensiveness lowers so we stop taking things so personally as confirmation of our shadow self, and start attracting more joyful and loving experiences.