Ever wonder why you keep having the same experiences over and over? Could it be that God, Source, Creator, would like you to learn a lesson?

Like ending up with the same type of relationships over and over and wonder why? And later, you realize you ignored your intuition and all the red flags. Could it be that our Creator is speaking to you and you’re not listening?

What if you make it a practice to check in daily, see what your Higher Self, the part of you that is eternal and connected with our Creator at all times, has to say? It might be a feeling, words, a picture, or even just an inner knowing. The most important part of us that is eternal, our connection with God, we tend to ignore.

I wonder how this world would change if we all realized our divinity and connected with our Higher Self, with God, and saw the other as divine beings also. Because, secret – we are all one! I suspect that that lousy cheater boyfriend wouldn’t have acted so lousy or cheated if he also connected with his divine self. And you, you may have been able to see their divinity and the role they are/were choosing to enact and avoided them with love.

We would all be experiencing Heaven on earth I think.