God gives us the ability to create our world. Because, we are actually divine, we just are taught we aren’t good enough and forget that we are divine. God trusts that we are good enough, and capable enough to give us the power to create. Even if we are unaware (read asleep at the wheel) or even if we are disbelievers. We’ve got this divine right even when we haven’t earned it.

In fact, we are such creators that WHENEVER we declare “I AM….”, in thought or as spoken words, we send forth a vibration that creates just that. Whatever quality we have attributed to ourselves through the “I AM” becomes created by the universe, because God gave us the ability to create.

When we say “YOU ARE…,” we are creating a vibration, sending out to the universe, that we are declaring other to be that. This is especially important when being with children as you can comprehend. I think that’s why some children behave differently around different people, they feel the vibration of that person and tend to become like that, and this becomes an “I AM” in their minds when in that thought and vibration enough. And, these “I AMs “ become limiting beliefs, like believing we aren’t good enough.

So, let’s be mindful of how we use the words “I AM.”