The words “I AM” are powerful. This can’t be stressed enough. As we know, with this declaration in thought or word, we create our world. This is so powerful.

Most of us let our minds, our thoughts, and our mouths run rampant. We are asleep and choosing in some way to disconnect with God, Source, Universe – what ever you call that source of life and love. Because we have free will, most of us never really learn self control within our own minds, we just go with the flow – and end up with these patterns of beliefs that control us rather than us controlling them.

By allowing our self to connect with the divine, and be humble enough to allow our will to be God’s, to trust that God has our backs, is a big thing in this world. Our Creator loves us, knows we are perfect and good enough, lovable. So how about allowing ourselves to trust enough to let the divine in, follow the guidance we are given and have a blessed life. A truly blessed life. Wouldn’t that be great?

So check in, when you declare to yourself “I AM” allow the divine to guide you. You’ll find yourself saying “I am good enough”, I am lovable”, I am smart, beautiful, loving – you get the drift. And you will become that which you declare!